Live 24 Hours a day for 4 weeks

Welcome to Beginning September 7th, 2008 we will be broadcasting live 24 hours a day for 4 weeks. We will be following Sammy Clary, the Lead Pastor of StoneBridge Church. It will be unedited, unfiltered and all live.

Why are we doing this? This is a new series that serves two purposes.
1. It forces us to ask the question, who am I when no one else is looking. What shapes my character? Am I a person of integrity? How can I control my tongue? All of these questions and more will be answered as we go live on uncensored pastor.

2. By using the internet, it allows us to connect with our community as we seek to reach our community for Christ using the tools we have available.

Be sure to tune in and tell your friends. There will be interactive chats that you can get involved in. There will be giveaways nightly. It will be thought provoking at times and at other times it will be just down right funny.

Be sure to check out our church link located below for more information on StoneBridge Church.